A pre-determined minimum price the Seller will accept.

Sets a minimum required bid for the item to be sold. (This offers the greatest protection to the Seller). Real Property is usually sold with a Reserve price and requires Seller confirmation.
Items are guaranteed to sell to the highest bidder regardless of the price. There are No Reserve Price or Minimum Bids.
Usually held outdoors, you load your truck or trunk with items for sale and the Auctioneer goes row to row selling all your items before moving on to the next in line.
You consign your items to an auctioneer to be sold with items belonging to others. This makes being able to sell a few items at Auction possible.
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Auctions Are Exciting!

An Auction offers great opportunities to buy and sell property and is generally recognized as the purest method of determining value. Any item or property is only worth what someone is willing to pay. Buyers bid against each other: winner take all!

Auctions offer many benefits. It is in the best interest of all Sellers to consider an Auction as a best course of action. Here’s why:

  • Auctions are the best way to determine true value
  • The excitement and competitiveness that an auction creates assures you of receiving the highest value
  • Auctions allow you to protect yourself with RESERVE Prices or MINIMUM starting bids
  • The Buyer is aware of what the other bids are and all guesswork is thus taken out of the equation
  • Our ONLINE AUCTION SERVICE allows you to get your property in front of a much larger buyer pool
We can help you determine if the benefits of an auction are best for you. Contact us today, consultations are always FREE.

There are great reasons to choose the Auction method to sell your real and personal property:

  • If you want it all gone no matter what....an ABSOLUTE AUCTION is the way to go!
  • If you want to clean out Granny's attic or your own garage....a TAILGATE AUCTION or a CONSIGNMENT AUCTION may be the way to go!
  • If your property has been on the market a while or your listing has become stale….you can choose the day it sells!

Let Our Experience Go To Work For You

RIVER CITY AUCTION COMPANY is a full service auction company offering many options for you to sell your personal property and real estate.